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Opening times: 12:00 to 23:00

We are open every day except:
  • December 24th (closed by dinner)
  • December 25th (all day)
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The Laurentina Restaurant, the King of the Cod, is distinguished for the quality of its plates and services since 1976, as much in true plates of Mozambican origin, as in the Portuguese traditional kitchen. In a friendly environment, it provides the pleasure of a true meal of Cod, confectioned of diverse forms, being certainly one of the best ones of Portugal.

In the bar while you wait for the meal, delight yourself with an aperitif. The capacity of the Laurentina Restaurant is expressed in two rooms duly equipped with conditional air, being the first one for about 84 people and the second for 100; ideal for events previously organized, suppers of group and parties of companies. The parking is for our account, in Valbom or Berna Parks, for intermediary of a voucher received in the payment act of the meal.

We congregate all the conditions for guaranteeing a meal with the maximum comfort. Here it is our invitation with the recommendation of the chef, to appreciate one of our specialties of that plate that all the good Portuguese yoke is proud, our Cod.

Good appetite!

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