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António Francisco Pereira natural of S. Jorge da Beira, Covilhã, learned to cook when still child, in feastings that he made with friends. Later he established in Lourenço Marques, current Maputo, Mozambique, in the Alto Maé with then the famous Lion D'Ouro which he directed during twenty and two years and projected it to the fights of the restoration, dedicating exclusively to the secrets of the Cod. Sympathizer of long date of the African flavours, António Pereira has always remained faithful to the traditions of the Beira.

By return to Lisbon in 1976, he took transfer of property a coal bunker of Gallegos established in 1922, in the New Avenues, transforming it into the "Restaurante Pereira da Laurentina". Its plates had attracted the appreciators of the good cod, the true Mozambican kitchen, and not only. In his art to cook, he divides the cod in four parts and depending on its thickness, presents us a different plate: not only for the quality of the same one as for the time of gravy and also in the cooked one.

The 19 of April of 1987, Easter Sunday, António Pereira inaugurates the actual installations of the House Laurentina, the King of the Cod. Today, in passing of the years, the Restaurante Laurentina counts histories, it leaves homesicknesses and it continues to make solid friendships with an untiring affection and quality that distinguishes it.

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