Portuguese Regional Cuisine, Cod of Superior Quality, Selected Cheeses and Wines, Brandy and Special Liquors
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You can start for tasting the palates of our cheeses of some qualities, the so appreciated bread of rustic type and the famous pies of cod, among others, while you taste our starters, choose one of the wines of our vast bottle-case.

In our menu consist some of the most select plates of Portuguese cod, as well as, rich and exotic plates of the African traditional kitchen.
To close with gold key, only one of our famous desserts, nominated, home made Rice Candy, the “Tigelada” and Exotic Fruit.

All this so that you can, when visiting us, feel the pleasure to prove the quality and flavours of these two cultures. We now show our bigger trophy, our menu.

Plates of Cod


Special Sliced cod – a delicious cod roast in the live coal with baked potatoes - plate of election of the customers of the house.

Bacalhau Lascado Especial

Fine cod to the Bits – identical plate to the previous one, confectioned with the finest parts of the cod. An excellent choice for who privileges the low cod.


Cod Loin – Cod Loin cooked in the oven conferring to it an excellent texture and palate, with fried potatoes.


Cod to the “Brás” –  a classic in the confectioned Portuguese gastronomy with cod of high quality, with salad.


Laurentina Cod – a plate full of flavour composed for baked high cod, maize bread, potatoes and fried vegetable.


Cooked High cod – served in high slice of fish, with grain or black-eyed peas, according to the preference of the customer, tempered with thin oil of the Cova da Beira.


Tails of Cod – plate of cod cooked, served with grain or black-eyed peas, according to the choice of the customer, tempered with thin oil of the Cova da Beira.


Cod with Creams and Spinaches – special plate, cooked in the oven that unites the tradition to the new flavours.


“Couvada” of Cod of Pereira da Laurentina – Portuguese traditional plate, specialty of the house, confectioned to the way of the Beira Interior, with products of Cova da Beira, nominated the oil, the borecoles and the potatoes.

Couvada de Bacalhau à Pereira da Laurentina




Mozambicans plates




Curry of Hen – plate of hen of the field, confectioned with curry and served with white rice.

Caril de Galinha

Shrimp Grilled to the Mozambican – "shrimp baked tiger" in the live coal, with special sauce, as the Mozambican tradition. A delicious choice (only at the supper).





Other Plates




Baked Pork Loin – served as it orders the tradition with potatoes baked in the oven and vegetables.


Kid Baked in the Oven – traditional confection of the Beira Interior, served with potato baked in the oven and fried vegetable.


Laurentina Beef burger – simple, with fried potatoes and vegetables.