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The name cod has origin in the Latin baccalaureu.

World-wide appreciated, the history of the cod is millenarian. The Vikings of the IX century are considered the pioneers in the discovery of cod gadus morhua. As they did not have salt, they only dried the fish to the outdoors, until it almost lost the fifth part of its weight and hardened as a wooden board, to be consumed to pieces in the long trips that they made for the oceans.

The Basques already knew the salt and there are registers of that in year 1000 they carried through the commerce of the cured, salty and dry cod.

However, the first ones had been the Portuguese to introduce, the massification of this precious fish, in their feeding, after discovering it, in the XV century, at the time of the great navigations. They needed products that were not perishable, that supported the long trips, which, sometimes, took more than 3 months of passage for the Atlantic.

Equally the Portuguese had been the first ones to fish the cod in the New Land (Canada), which was for us discovered in 1497. Registers exist of that in 1508 the cod corresponded already to 10% of the commercialized fished one in Portugal. In 1596, in the reign of D. Manuel, the tenth was charged of the fish of the New Land in the ports of Entre-Douro-e-Minho.

The cod was immediately incorporated in the alimentary habits and it is until today one of the main gastronomic traditions of the Portuguese. Of such form that the Portuguese became the greatest consumers of cod of the World and secular and affectionately call to it of "faithful friend".

Table of Nutrients

The Cod is a salty, dry fish and naturally prepared, conserving all the properties of the cool fish. It is nutritional, flavourful, of easy digestion, rich in minerals and vitamins, and with cholesterol almost zero. The cod is more nutritional than the fish, the meat and the chicken. It is healthful and totally natural.

Content of nutrients for 100g of eatable part of cod:


Nutrients for 100g of Cod








1,6 mg

Vitamin B:

0,01 mg
0,20 mg
2,4 mg

Eatable portion




Kcal/KJ Energy


Moreover everything, the nutritional value of 1kg of cod is equivalent the 3,2 kg of fish!

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